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My love for photography began in high school but took a back seat to my biggest passion, technology. Today I combine both to provide my business clients, images for their business and marketing needs. Restaurant and product photography are photographed with an eye towards telling our clients’ story.  As the president of TargetMedia Enterprises, Inc., technology and marketing greatly influences the success of shooting with purpose.  I work closely with the restaurant industry not only offering photography but mobile applications, email marketing and kitchen management software.


Darren_3N2A6948Partnered with award-winning graphic designer and photographer Darren Sinnett of Rising Star Photography and Graphic Design, enables us to bring our vision of photography to businesses, schools and newlyweds.  Since 1992, Darren has been an award-winning graphic designer and photographer. He is a two-time winner of best brochure at the Cleveland Choice Awards, and has received numerous OAR photographic first-place accolades.




Learn more about technology and marketing at www.TargetMediaEnt.com
and see Darren’s amazing work at www.risingstarphoto.com